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Welcome! We hope your eye examination will be a pleasant experience. If you have any questions about the examination process, please ask.

What to expect.

We check and measure your vision, measure the pressures in your eyes, and examine the health of the different layers of the eyes. Some of these tests require that we use drops to make the testing comfortable, or to dilate the pupils to check the back of the eyes. The dilatation drops usually last one to two hours and may interfere with reading or driving, especially on a bright day. We will provide sunglasses. If you have concerns about the drops we use, how long they might last, and how they may effect this vision please ask.

Most new patient eye examination take about an hour. If you have a complicated problem, or require other tests, the examination may take longer.
Please PreRegister!

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Please take the time to preregister for your visit. It will save you time filling out paperwork when you come to our office.

What to bring:

Please bring the following items:

   1. Picture ID such as a Drivers License
   2. Your insurance card
   3. A list of your current medications